Sunday, September 1, 2013

21.8.2013, Wednesday

Today, we decided to get up earlier and to surprise teamers.We played  a video in which participants are telling something to teamers. It was really emotional both for us and the teamers. After breakfast, we had a workshop „ When I hear Vukovar“, then we had a very interesting EKO workshop with Danci .  Later, we had to clean our rooms and to pack ourselves. Also, we did the evaluation workshop with Lauriene. At 8.30 pm each project group presented their work and then we had a farewell ritual, where we talked about 14 days we spent together in Vukovar, everything we did together and about our feelings. Everyone was so sad because we're leaving the camp. After farewell ritual we were writing letters to each other, which we could read when we get back home.

JULIA: Well, 21th was our last day in Vukovar so it was very hard to stay calm and not to freak out while counting hours which are left staying in Vukovar and packing all the stuff, also I was afraid of the evening program because I knew that I would cry a lot... thank you for the great memories!
SABRINA: I was very sad, I cried from the breakfast time as I knew that we would leave soon. I was glad that Johnny tried to teach us how to write a project. While I was packing my things I was sad, too, not to mention after the farewell ritual. I stayed awake all night, beside people I care for and who I miss very much now.

MILENA: It was a very touching day for me, as well as for everyone else, I suppose. I cried while watching the video the participants prepared for us, they did a great job and put a lot of effort and emotions into making it. The farewell ritual and feelings it provoked would stay within me for good. Miss u all!

20.8.2013, Tuesday

In the morning we had breakfast and after that we had the workshop “Role exchange”. In this workshop the teamers and participants switched the roles. We had two groups of ''new teamers'': one group did a workshop about antidiscrimination and the other group about EU awareness. The “old teamers” and the rest of the participants joined these two workshops. Then after the daily midday refreshment –lunch- Johnny gave a speech about the way he organized the Reunion and what we need to do for organizing our Re-Reunion next summer. Afterwards, we had our last Project group meetings and later on there were VU-groups meetings. In the evening, after dinner, we had Final party. A few participants organized this party which means decorating the basement, preparing the music and bringing drink and food. We all had a lot of fun! After few hours of dancing and singing, we all went to our rooms.

BELMA: Being a teamer is a very difficult role. You need to get participants to listen to you. But for me it was interesting. I would like to be a teamer one day. The final party was great. We had fun and for those few hours we forgot that we are leaving soon. I really enjoyed it.
JULIA: It was great to get into teamers role so you can see how much work it is and that it's not that easy as it seems to be but it was great experience for making a decision if you want to be a teamer later on or better not. The discussion about the re reunion and how to write a project showed us that it will be a lot of work if we want to organize a re reunion.

AJLA: It was a great experience to be in the teamers’ shoes, to see what kind of job they had to do every day and how do they cope with it. I found out that it isn't that easy to arrange and organize every single detail about workshops. You have to think about many things in advance. How you are going to make the activities interesting, what is your aim, what are u going to teach the participants about the topic, how you are going to control  the group etc. But after all, we really made a good job, so in the end we were really proud of ourselves.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

19.8.2013, Monday

We started the day as usual-with breakfast, and then we had a workshop about Reproductive Health. Two ladies from the Medical faculty Osijek presented us this topic in our dormitory and showed us the  importance of being careful  with STD ( Sexually Transmitted Diseases). After  this workshop we had a preparation for role exchange which will take place the following day. The role exchange is about switching roles between teamers and participants who are interested in becoming teamers one day. Therefore, the ''new teamers'' had to prepare the workshop about antidiscrimination and EU awarness for the next day. Afterwards we had lunch, and then went immediately to Osijek. In Osijek we had a workshop in association with an organisation called „Breza“, where a lady talked about het work with young people and children, and another man presented us the Youth Council in Osijek and his projects. After this workshop we had a two hours of free time in Osijek, then we went home for dinner. In the evening we had Olympics.

Lauriene: First of all,I appreciate that we had external teamers for the STD workshop. I believe that it was very helpful to see other leaders in action since there is always something that you can learn from others.Our free time in Osijek was wonderful. I had a chance to meet a few croatians who I didn't know before and see a city that I haven't visited before.
Marija: The day was great. It was nice to see one more city in Croatia. I can't wait for tommorow to see how the participants prepared their own workshop and how they will deal with the roles of teamers.

18.8.2013, Sunday

This day started as usual. In the morning we went to ''Dom Tehnike'', to finish our social project. After we did the first part of our great job, we went back to the dormitory to have lunch. Since the last two stairs weren't finished yet, we had to go back to ''Dom Tehnike'' and finish our job. In late evening hours we had the so-called „small talks“. We spent some good hours with the teamers talking about different things concerning our lives. In the end, this exhausting day got us all tired and we went to sleep.

SYMON:  I was in the group f
or social project preparation and the painting of the stairs was our last step to finish the project. For me, it was a quite easy job and I really like these stairs, they are beautiful as we put a lot of effort into painting them. Now Vukovar has new and clean stairs. The stairs with solar system are the best, in my opinion.
ANNIKA: These ''small talks'' were wonderful! I had the chance to spend the evening with few great participants and to talk about a lot of different topics. I really enjoyed it!

SLAĐA: Our social project went great! We have painted all eight stairs and left something behind us in this beatiful town where the reunion was held.

17.8.2013, Saturday

After project groups meeting that we had in the morning, we went to our creative workshops. We were finishing our graffiti, painting the flags, taking the photos, learning last steps in the dance workshop and preparing our social day. Today 35 of us were very creative. We got up, stand up, and acted for joint and peaceful Europe again ! At the end ot the day, we were so exhausted but proud of what we did !

CARO said: I was in the preperation group for the social day and I really liked it. It was really hot and it was hard work, but I'm proud what we managed!
 JULIA said: I was in a photo creative workshop. It was easy to do, because I love photography.
CASPER said: I was in FLAG group. We created a great flag with the slogan '' Imagination creates reality ''. I had good time.
BOŽO said: I was in dance group. It was really exciting and funny. I learned some new and useful things.
FILIP Ž said: For me, yesterday was one of the most interesting days here. I made my first grafitti ever and I like it very much. In the end of the day we had the presentation of our creative workshoips results. I really enjoyed it. One word for yesterday- PERFECT !
FRANEK said: The second day of the creative workshops was very exhausting, since I was dancing for 4,5 hour. Nevertheless, in the evening I could be proud of my progress in this. When I was dancing in public show, I felt satisfaction. Also I had a lot of fun during the workshops.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

16.8.2013, Friday

After our ritual beginning of the day -breakfast- we had our first workshop '' My right- your right ( or left ?) with Milena and Iga. To wake us up, we had an energizer named '' Honey, do you love me ?''. Then we summarized some human rights which seemed to be very important to us. The next task was to make a little theatre/ roleplay about fundamental human rights and the others were supposed to guess what rights are presented. Then, another part of the workshop started- we were given different social roles and they asked us different types of questions. If our answer was ''YES'' we should make a step forward and if ''NO'' we should stay where we were. After finishing, we were discussing who is at the top of the scale, who is in the middle and who is very low and the reasons for these positions. At 11:45 we had our project groups. In the afternoon our first creative workshop meeting started and lasted for three hours. After that we had VU groups and evaluated the previous day and what we had done in our creative workshops. In the evening we had Olympics again, where we played diffrent games e.g. Alaska rugby and Bees and Butterfly.

OLA: It was interesting to see that people who were standing at the top of the pyramid can also be on the first floor and everything depends on the local community. I think the dancing workshop was very nice. Our group learnt a lot of new steps and I'm sure that we're gonna use it in the disco..
BOŽO: Yesterday was interesting for me. New workshops are interersting and I enjoyed mine very much. Also „My right – your right“ workshop was very educational. Lunch and dinner were great! 

Friday, August 16, 2013

15.8.2013, Thursday

As usually we had our breakfast at 8:30. First we had our project groups and VU groups. During VU groups we shared our opinions about the previous day and the barbecue. After  lunch we had a workshop  on ''Being Unique''. We were talking about our identity, who we think we are, what we think others think about us and what the others really think about us. After this workshop- the best part of the day came-the creative workshops introduction: Konrad from Poland showed us the basic stuff about graffiti. He also helped us to prepare a gift for Johnny. Nikola showed us the basic steps of sport dances.  Rita presented the workshop which deals with designing a flag on textile. We also celebrated three birthdays that night. In the end of this day we had Olympics where we had a lot of fun. We got tired and went to sleep at 11 o'clock.

JULIA: The workshop with Lauriene was very interesting to get an impression on  how  others see us and how we see ourselves.
CARLOTTA: The day was great because I liked the workshop with the graffiti man Konrad and the dancing workshop with Nikola. The Olymipcs were also very funny.